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Project Description
This Project will create a DataBase which can only be used intern in a programm, so there is no need to have a DB installed on the users pc. SQL Support will come too. So u can eaasily migrate existing projects.

What is iDB# exactly?
iDB# (internal DataBase for C# and .Net/Mono) is a in c# implemented database to use inside a programm. So u cant contact the db from outside the programm. This funcionality could make sense when u programm a multimedia-, document-based- or just a private database. A diary-programm which saves the entries in a database is although a possibilty.

To show u what i exactly mean i have examples in the documentation tab (Why to use an internal database (functional examples) ). In the documentation tab u will although find the following points: Warranty
I give no warranty of this library. You use it at your own risk.

  • .Net:
    • .Net 4.0, C# 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 (also Express Editions), SharpDevelop 4 (sample in WinForms), only Windows
  • Mono:
    • Mono 2.8.2, C# 4.0, Monodevelop 2.4.2 (sample in GTK#), OS independent
Actually implemented Features

Future Features
  • (almost fully) SQL-Support
  • Import / Export via SQL, CSV

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