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Various Kinds of iDB#

With iDB# you are able to customize your DB properties. Below you have a Table with the properties you can change:

Property Description Values Default
Commit With a commit you can say that the DB has to commit (here just a save on local disk) after a new DataSet or in other steps. Yes/No No
CommitRate With CommitSteps you can say when an automatically commit (save) should be done. a positive integer 5
History iDB# can save a history for older versions. Yes/No No
HistoryCount HistoryCount sets the how much history-files you want to have. If you set HistoryCount to -1 there will be all versions saved. With HistoryCount = 0 you wont have a history like History = No a positive integer and "-1" 5

Some of the values in this table are changed to be more readable. Here the "translation" into the code:

Value in Table Value in Code
Yes True
No False
Not set null

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