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Why to use an internal database (functional examples)

1. Document archive programm with internal database (my motivation)

This example is the reason why am creating this library. I want to create an application for my club. So i want to save the members and save the protocols in a database. So i thought how to create this. In my mind the best opportunity is to have a database in the application so my members haven't to install and adjust a db. For .Net I didn't found something. For Java I found a possibility, but too complicated. I don't want to study a hell of manual (900pages!!!) and the tutorials aren't that what I expected as an easy and fast tutorial. So I created this project to have my internal database and give it the rest of the world who need such too. And maybe some of you had good ideas for me, so we can enhance the iDB#.

With iDB# I can (when completed, somtimes the needed library is going to eat more time then the main project) send the actual db-file as input to my members so they have the same informations like me. Another possibility is to let this file on a server and everyone can read it and the admin can write.

2. Diary application

I think there are a lot of applications for diarys, but how do say save it? Some save it in separate files or in one big file. If you want to create this on your own, you will see it's not the best way to do it. I think it's better to save the entries an encrypted database. But does the user want to install two programms instead of one (the diary programm and the database)? No, he doesn't. So an internal database could be great. You have one big file like others but to handle information in an application is more comfortable.

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